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Tailored consulting, optimal research design, and reliability/quality assured


  • A variety of neurological disease models, in vivo and in vitro efficacy assessment system, and a system for mechanistic studies
  • Establish the best research plan for your needs through the preclinical research consulting
  • Select models, preliminary experiments, and establish evaluation methods through consultation after applying collaboration and research services
  • Provide customer-oriented and optimized evaluation services
STEP 01 Customer-ordered Inquiries & counselingclick!
STEP 02 Research meeting, selection of model and evaluation method
STEP 03 Conclusion of a contract
STEP 04 Draw up a plan
STEP 05 Pilot experiment
STEP 06 Review and modify, reset model and evaluation method
STEP 07 Establish optimal research plans for consumer needs
STEP 08 Start study
STEP 09 Progress and intermediate reporting
STEP 10 Review and further study
STEP 11 Provide a final report
STEP 12 Termination of a contract

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Privacy policy

NeuroVenti, Inc. (“Company”)places great importance on customers’ personal information and wants to let customers know that it complies with the personal information protection regulations in the relevant law such as Personal Information Protection Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Protection of Communications Secrets Act based on Korean laws.

1. Personal information items to be collected
Company collects and stores minimum and necessary personal information for providing its services to the number. The described information is collected in the following situations below.
- Information: Name, phone number, E-mail address
- Collection method: Web site
Accordingly, the collection and use of personal information is notified as follows. Please read it thoroughly before agreeing.

2. Personal information collection and its purpose
Company collects personal information to make inquires and responses in respect of contact execution and service provision, and all personal information will only be collected with your consent.

3. Retention of personal information and period of its use
After collecting personal information and achieving the purpose of its use, Company destroys the information immediately. However, Company will retains personal information for the indicated period until the answer was completed only.

4. Provision of personal information
Company dose not provide the personal information of users to the outside except in cases where the user has consent or is subject to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations. Note, however, that the following cases are exceptions.
- When the user agreed in advance