Chan Young Shin CEO
Expet on neurological disorder therapy and drug development

Neurological disorder and related research ASD, ADHD research Stroke, brain inflammation, and Alzheimer’s disease treatment research Neurological disorder therapy related researches 8 registered patents for treatment and 5 technology transfers 7 time recipient for funding on research related to brain diseases 5 year publication: SCI(E): More than 100 publication International collaboration with leading researchers on brain diseases (UCLA, UT SouthWestern etc.) Current academic and professional activities Member of, Korean Society for Brain and Neural Sciences, Korean Society of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Society of Korea (Board member in the Department of Brain Development) Chairman of the Business committee of Korean Society of Applied Pharmacology Chairman of the 3rd Promotion of industrialization of basic study on brain research Brain and Biomedical Engineering RP of Korea Research Foundation (Brain Diseases Division) Central Pharmaceutical Review Committee(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) Expert, Cosmetic Risk Assessment Consultant